MRGC Performance & Wellness

In affiliation with MRGC and the professional golf staff, Dr. Luke DeLorenzo is proud to offer golf specific performance and wellness to MRGC members.  The focus is to develop golf-athletes of all ages and abilities by optimizing performance and reducing the risk of injury.  This is achieved by offering MRGC members the same fitness and medical methodologies used by 22 of the top 35 golfers in the world including Jordan Spieth and Jason Day. The process is started by administering a comprehensive biomechanics analysis designed to expose physical limitations that may potentially affect the golf swing.  Once the findings are discussed with the golfer, an individualized program will be created that is specific to your body’s needs.  By using various exercises and/or therapeutic techniques, the program will streamline movement and performance enhancement to facilitate every golfer to improve fitness and thus improve their game.  When working with golfers it is of utmost importance to understand how the body moves during the golf swing, often referred to as the “body-swing connection.” So, whether you want to play pain free golf, lower your handicap or improve your fitness, this is the program for you!

Each program includes a complimentary Titleist Performance Institute movement assessment ($150 value), golf-specific performance testing, individualized exercise programs including pre- and post-round routine, re-evaluations every 12 weeks to track progress, and direct consultation to your golf instructor on the findings, focal points, and improvements.

Golf Performance and Wellness Program Options

  1. Individual Golf Specific Training (60 minutes).
    1. 1 session per week: $80 per session
    2. 2 or more sessions per week: $75 per session
    3. 10 Pack: 10 sessions for $750 (includes a complimentary assessment)
    4. 20 Pack: 20 sessions for $1400 (includes a complimentary assessment)
  2. Group Golf Specific Training (60 minutes) (limited to 4-5 athletes per session): 
    1. $60 per session
    2. 10 Pack: 10 sessions for $550
  3. Home Golf Specific Training: Not able to train at MRGC but still want a TPI golf-specific performance and wellness program?
    1. $75 per month (or $800 up front for the entire year): Each member will have access to the TPI ProSite which will provide an easy to follow individualized program that can be performed anywhere and can be accessed with your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  4. Combo Package: Interested in individual or group training AND a home program to continue training outside of MRGC?
    1. $50 per month (or $500 up front for the entire year) if already participating in Individual or Group Training at least once per week!
  5. TPI Assessment and Performance Testing ($150): Interested to see what physical characteristics may be limiting your game, but not ready to commit on a training package?
    1. At the conclusion of the testing, the golfer can decide on which package they prefer.  If a 10 or 20 Pack is purchased, the Testing is Free, and if individual or group sessions are purchase the first session is Free.